Global Vegetarian World -- 【2016-12】Global Vegan World News Story
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【2016-12】Global Vegan World News Story

Global Vegan World News Story:

International Vegan Volunteers Union (IVVU) visited Tian En Vegetarian Group


Dr. Zhu Jianhua, chairman of the International Vegan Volunteers Union, and Mr. Gao Hongzhong, vice chairman of the International Vegan Volunteers Union, visited Chiayi County yesterday (2016/12/14) and met Dr. Lin Jingquan of Tian En Vegetarian Group, and accepted Dr. Lin's warm hospitality. Tian En’s R & D, processing, and production are always operating, thanks to the former chairman of the late Mr. Wang and Dr. Lin Jingquan couple’s team work, and after years of hard work, the company has the establishment of the most professional vegetarian team in the industry, innovative R & D manufactures. The consumers like the variety Tian En vegetarian food, and it is established as a well-known brand because of what have been done. Tain En not only is the local rapid developed vegetarian industry in Taiwan, but is also widening its popularity throughout the world, expecting to facilitate the majority vegetarian needs and efforts!


Tian En International Vegetarian President: Dr. Lin Jingquan;
President of International Vegetarian Volunteers Alliance & Dean of Taiwan Art College - Dr. Zhu Jianhua;
Taiwan Academy of Arts & International Vegetarian Volunteers Alliance - Gao Xiuzhong Executive Director;
Global Vegetarian World Platform Founder & International Vegetarian Volunteers Alliance - Hong Huan Cong Vice Chairman

Photo taken at Chiayi Tin Yan International Vegetarian Corporation. 2016.12.14

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